Characteristic Model FBD12J FBD15J
Power Type Electric
Operation Type Pedestrian
Rated Capacity Q kd 1200 1500
Load Center C mm 600
Weight (with battery) kg 1210
Wheels Chassis Material PU
No. of Wheels 1X+2/4
Drive Wheel mm ø230×75
Load Wheel mm ø80×80
Balance Wheel mm ø180×50
Wheelbase L1 mm 1230
Dimensions Lift Height H mm 3000 2000
MastExtended Height(with backrest) H2 mm 3445 2445
Height of Tiller in Drive Position (max/min) H7 mm 1140/1156
Fork Size (L4×W×T) mm 1150x160x55
Distance between Fork Arms (outside) W2 mm 685
Overall Length L mm 1730
Overall Width W1 mm 800
Overall Height H4 mm 1780 1950
Mini. Ground Clearance (forks) H3 mm 85
Turning Radius Wa mm 1644/1430
Floor Clearance H5 mm 30
For Pallets 1000×1200 Lengthways Ast mm 2586/2600
For Pallets 800×1200 Lengthways Ast mm 2437/2530
Performance Travel Speed (laden/unladen) mm 5.5/6 2.5/3
Lifting Speed (laden/unladen) km/h 80/150 75/90
Lowering Speed (laden/unladen) mm/s 145/110 85/75
Max.Gradeability (laden/unladen) mm/s 08-jun 07-maj
Braking System % Electromagnetic
Electric Motor Battery Voltage/Capacity 2x12V/80Ah
Motor(drive /lift) V/Ah 0.75/2.2
Controller kw Curtis DC